International Harvester Collectors

Indiana Chapter 7

Fourth Quarter Meeting

 The fourth quarter meeting was held on November 18, 2018 at the Bluebird Restaurant in Morristown, IN. Dawn Dieckmann opened the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Norm Jackson read the minutes from the third quarter meeting. Dwayne Hansford made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Brad Craft, motion carried.

Jim Yoars gave the Treasurer’s report. Norm made a motion to approve the report as given, seconded by Brad Craft, motion carried. Emmett asked if we should keep a minimum balance in the chapter table account. This account is used to fund the scholarships and any purchases needed for merchandise for the table.

Emmett Webb reported on the membership. We currently have 213 active members. Seven did not pay their dues and were deactivated on October 1 st . There are 6,761 national members, 546 non-US members, for a total of 7,307 members.

Emmett also reported on the chapter website. We need articles, pictures, classifieds, etc. The webmaster has moved to Tennessee and updates the site as needed.

Mark Dieckmann reported on the chapter table. We need to re-stock several items before the winter convention. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.

Dawn thanked Thieme Farms for all of the efforts to prepare for plow day. Unfortunately, we were rained out again this year.

The 2019 state show will be hosted by the Brown County Antique Club. Randy invited everyone to attend. There is a lot to do in Nashville. There are hotels and camping available in the area, but he encouraged us to make our reservations soon.

Dawn reported on the results of the election. Randy Barrett and Emmett Webb retired. We thank them both for their years of service and look forward to their support as Club Advisors. Dawn Dieckmann is our new President, George Scherb is the Vice President, Brian Pierce is the Treasurer, and Jim Yoars is
the Treasurer. We also have two new Directors, Dwayne Hansford and Brad Craft.

We need to determine a location for our first quarter meeting. We have 3 options. The Bluebird Restaurant in Morristown, MCL Cafeteria on East St, in Indianapolis, and Town and County Christian Church in Shelbyville. The Bluebird has limited space. We have not been to MCL, but they have a meeting room that seats 75. If we go to the church, we would do a pitch in lunch. Randy Barrett made a
motion to try MCL Cafeteria in Indianapolis on January 27, 2019, seconded by Tom Heyob, motion carried.

We need a site for our second quarter meeting. We could go to a show if anyone is featuring IH. Dawn suggested going to someone’s farm/home and having a day of fellowship, with a pitch in and a meeting. We will determine a location at our first quarter meeting.

We also need a host for the 2019 plow day. Randy Barrett will check with DeVault Farms to see if they are interested.

In new business, the new directors need copies of the current club by-laws. Dawn will find them and provide. We also discussed low attendance at meetings and how to get people to participate. It is difficult to get a quorum and without one, we cannot make decisions to move the Club forward. This is a common
problem in all groups, and we need ideas on how to get people involved.

The Indian Creek Tractor restoration project is in its second school year. The teacher is difficult to reach, but we do know that the tractor has been painted. Dawn will try to call the teacher and reach out to the
FFA Foundation to find out what is going on.

We will be using our Facebook page more going forward. If you use Facebook, please be sure to like our page.

Randy Barrett made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tom Heyob, motion carried.

Third Quarter Meeting

 The third quarter meeting was held on September 29, 2018 at the Franklin County Antique Machinery Show in Brookville, IN. George Scherb opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He then led us in the pledge. He asked that all of those in attendance introduce themselves.

The minutes were read by Dawn Dieckmann. Tom Smith made a motion to approve as read, seconded by Jim Yoars, motion carried. The treasurer’s report was given by Dawn Dieckmann. Ben Chestnut made a motion to accept, seconded by Emmett Webb, motion carried.

Emmett Webb gave the membership report. We currently have 223 active members, with 21 who have not paid dues, and will be deactivated on October 1 st . The National membership is currently 7,501 US members and 521 non-US members.

Emmett Webb reported on the website. Our webmaster has moved to Tennessee, but is able to take care of everything from there. Please submit articles, ads, pictures, etc. Also, the date for plow day has been corrected on the website. It was published in the newsletter as October 4 th , but should be the 6 th .

Tom Smith reported on the newsletter. Again, we need articles, pictures, family stories, etc to keep the newsletter interesting.

Dawn Dieckmann reported on the chapter table. We have a couple of new Tractor Mac books, but would like suggestions for new items. Mark and Dawn have committed to take the chapter table to Winter Convention and Red Power Round Up in 2019, but would like for someone else to take over.

The Indian Creek FFA tractor restoration project is supposed to be complete, however it is not at the state show. They plan to sell it by the start of the 2019 school year.

Chuck Heck made a motion to approve two $1,000 scholarships, seconded by Brad Craft, motion carried.

Plow day will be at Thieme Farms in Noblesville on October 6 th , with a rain date of October 13 th . Please bring a covered dish. Plowing will top at noon for lunch, immediately followed by our fourth quarter meeting.

We have received a proposal from the Brown County Antique Machinery Show, in Nashville for our 2019 state show. Their dates are September 13 & 14. This could be the site for our third quarter 2019 meeting. Jim Yoars made a motion to accept their proposal, seconded by Emmett Webb, motion carried.

Chuck Heck proposed that we have either our 2020 or 2022 state show at the FARM Club Show in Osgood at the Ripley County Fairgrounds. This could be our second quarter meeting for 2020. Mike Craft made a motion to accept their proposal for June 25-27, 2020, seconded by Brad Craft, motion carried.

The next item of business is the election. There are 3 director positions open. George asked for nominations from the floor. Dwayne Hansford, Brad Craft, and Dawn Dieckmann were nominated. Tom Smith made a motion to close nominations, seconded by Norm Jackson, motion carried. Since there were 3 openings and 3 nominees, there was no need for an election.

Doug Etzkorn, a National Director was present. He encouraged everyone to go to the Winter Convention in Kalamazoo, MI the last weekend in February. The National auction will be in Wahoo, NE on November 2 & 3. We mentioned to Doug that we are interested in hosting another auction. The next available is 2020,
but the 2019 auction is in Northern Indiana, hosted by Chapter 33. We all agreed to pursue another date, since we don’t want two years back to back in Indiana. Doug will let Bob Buxton know that we are interested and have any necessary paperwork sent to us.

Ben Chestnut made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Emmett Webb, motion carried.

Submitted by,
Dawn Dieckmann