International Harvester Collectors

Indiana Chapter 7

“HARVEY”  Dawn's 1961 IH Scout

IH Truck Display, owned by Roger Krentscher of New Palestine

Some of our Chapter 7 members have ventured out beyond the IH tractors and equipment collecting into the IH truck history.  Here are  pictures at the Scout Nationals last month in Troy, Ohio.

Scout Nationals

Mark and I have traveled all over the country, visiting tractor shows. Last year, we tried something a little different and we took my 1961 Scout 80, lovingly referred to as Harvey, to Scout Nationals for the very first time. We made the trip again this year to Waco Air Field in Troy, OH.

 When we go to Nationals, we are agreeing not to go to the show in Portland, and possibly not to the Half Century of Progress Show in Rantoul. Since my husband is a good sport, and I’ve gone to lots of tractor shows over the years, he loads Harvey up without complaint and takes us to Nationals.

Nationals are different than tractor shows. There is an entry fee. You can have your vehicle judged, if you choose. It is really more like a car show, with a very big exception. This is part of the IH family. These vehicles are not only well cared for, but some are also daily drivers. You are invited to look at them, and no one seems to mind if you touch. There are a few seminars, but the hustle and bustle of tractor shows  does not exist. It’s a very relaxed environment, with lots of visiting. Old friends reunite, and new bonds are formed.

 Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Harvey. Our collection has grown over the years, but Harvey remains my favorite. We were not prepared for the response that he would receive at Nationals.

Since Harvey is original, he is a rare find. It is not uncommon for someone to try to buy him, but the answer to that question remains the same. It is also not uncommon to have several people at once with their heads under the hood, or even lying on the ground looking at things underneath. These people have found their “Harvey” and they are in the middle of restorations, and Harvey is a great example of how it is supposed to be, so he has become reference material.

 This year, Donna Blume was on site. She is the daughter of Ted Ornas, the man who helped design the Scout 80. Her daughter, Betsy, had a great love for Scouts, and came to the Nationals for several years. Sadly, she passed away last year. Neither of them had any idea how loved these vehicles still are or that anyone would bother to save them.

 This year, we also had Harvey judged for the first time. We honestly did not really know how it worked or what to expect. A judge came by on Friday and looked at lots of things and asked a few questions. Then on Saturday, about 8 judges came for a visit. They discussed lots of things, down to the shape of the ignition key. Harvey has the correct one, by the way. Harvey placed third in tthese discussions.

1960's RVing in style with an

IH Travelall