Membership Secretary
Emmett Webb
PO Box 371
Dublin, IN 47335
(765) 478-6179

International Harvester Collectors

Indiana Chapter 7

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Please let us know what you think about our website and our chapter's activities. You can contact any of our officers or directors, or send email to:

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We all have so much on our mind; we tend to forget some things. Chapter 7 dues are due July 1st of each year. National by-laws state “that if a member does not pay his dues by October 1st, that member will be removed from the active membership and placed on the inactive list.”

If you have not paid your 2019 dues, please send $10.00 for the State and $15.00 for the National ($25.00) to:

Emmett Webb, Membership Secretary
P.O. Box 371
Dublin, IN 47335

Just reminder to our members: Check and make sure your address is correct, because there will be NO MORE forwarding of returned HARVESTER HIGHLIGHTS.

Emmett Webb, Membership Secretary

Just a reminder to members: Check and make sure your address is correct because there will be no more forwarding of any returned Harvester Highlights. For information about the National International Harvester Collectors Club visit: