SPRING 2019 


I’m sure that all of you are as anxious as I am for the first signs of spring. We’ve had a few warm days and some sunshine and that has me thinking about all of the things we have planned for this summer.  First, I’d like to mention where we have been.

      We had a great first quarter meeting at the MCL Cafeteria in Indianapolis. Then the first weekend of March, we traveled to Kalamazoo, MI for the Winter Convention. It was hosted by Michigan Chapter 11, and they did a wonderful job. There were lots of seminars, several nice tours, and plenty of time to socialize. There is currently not a host chapter for next year, but we did hear some discussion about the possibility of one of the southern states hosting. Michigan was nice, but it would be a welcome change to go somewhere warmer .

      We are quickly approaching the date of our second quarter meeting. Mark and I would like to encourage you to join us at our home on Saturday, May 11. Mark is planning to get some toys out and open up the barns. We are hoping for a nice day to have a pitch in lunch, our meeting, and an afternoon of fellowship. The Club will be providing fried chicken. Please bring a dish to share. 

      At the end of June, we will head to Bloomsburg, PA for the RPRU. We hope that many of you are planning to attend this great event. Our State Show will be hosted by the Brown County Machinery Association on September 13 and 14 in Nashville, IN. Our third quarter meeting will be on Saturday, September 14 at 1 pm. There is a lot to do in Nashville, so please plan to attend the show and spend some time in the area.

      Indiana Chapter 33 is hosting the National Auction the last weekend in September. They are filling a wagon with items that will be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital. They have asked Chapter 7 for a donation, and we will decide what that will be at our second quarter meeting. They will also be auctioning off items and the proceeds will be donated to the hospital. If you have anything that you would like to donate for the wagon or the auction, please let me know.

      We still need a host for plow day. There was some discussion at the first quarter meeting about going to Sottong’s farm in Tipton. We hope to determine the location at the second quarter meeting. We have a great year of IH activities ahead of us. We hope to see you there!

                                                                     ~ Dawn

The Scoop

Quick Calendar

May 11, 2019

Second Qtr Meeting

Our second quarter meeting will be held at the home of Mark and Dawn Dieckmann. Please join us for a day of fellowship and fun. We will have a pitch in lunch (meat provided) at noon. The meeting will be at 1 pm.
The address is

7345 N County Road 250 W

Osgood, IN 47037

International Harvester Collectors

Indiana Chapter 7

Members:  Please keep Joyce and JW Storment in your thoughts and prayers. JW is in the hospital in critical condition. Joyce has shared their contact information if you would like to let them know you are thinking of them:

(618) 926-4164 or joycestorment@yahoo.com