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Indian Creek needs a small point Fast Hitch drawbar for their Super C. Can anyone help?        ~    RANDY

Randy Barrett: Wood split the easy way 

Spring 2018
     Someone said it’s time for March Madness are you ready?  I’m want some Spring Madness instead; some warm temperatures and sunny skies so we can get out and do something and enjoy nature.  This has been an interesting winter with those great days warmer than normal, but still subzero temperatures came alone to make us remember this is Indiana.  It’s time to think about summer and all those great IH shows around our state.  I hope to see you there.

 Our second quarter meeting will be April 8th at the State FFA Center 6595 S 125 W, Trafalgar, IN 46181 at 2 PM.  We have invited the FFA team that is doing our restoration project this year.  Thanks to James Brooks we now have a fast-hitch drawbar for the Super C restoration.  I would also like to thank Dwayne Hansford for making  several trips to Indian Creek to help with the project. We may be able to take a tour to see the project after our second quarter meeting for those who would be interested.  The school is less than 2 miles from the FFA center.

 We just returned from the IHC Winter Convention 2018 in Branson, Missouri.  The convention was well planned our hats off to Missouri Chapter 1 for a great job.  There were a lot of displays from a pink Farmall C to an original 1977 Scout.  They had a variety of workshops and tours.  I did two days on restoration questions and both sessions were full.  Traveling home Sunday was quiet an adventure especially between St. Louis and Evansville with 4 inches of snow and people driving too fast for the road conditions.   Needless to say, there were several slide offs along the way.  However, 9 miles north of Evansville there was no snow, sometimes it better to be in the north.  

 We are having three directors retiring at the end of this year so we are looking for new people to step up and serve.  If you would be interested please contact any of our directors.  We have meetings four times a year before or after our regular quarterly meetings.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me my email is or call me 812 325-6722.  The Election is always held at our State Show.

 Our State Show this year will be in Brookville  on September 27-30, 2018 with our meeting on Saturday September 29th time TBA.  Our show will be hosted by the Franklin County Antique Machinery Club or check them out on Facebook. 

Our Plow Day will be the first Saturday of October with rain date the second Saturday.  Tentatively, schedule to be in Noblesville, hosted by Thieme Farms and maybe neighbors.  Maybe we can approach the mile of IH tractors in the field again.  We will be holding our Fourth Quarter meeting at noon during Plow Day.  Come and bring an IH tractor and plow or come and enjoy the day with us.


                                         ~  Randy

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